Therefore, we not only rely only on the latest technological possibilities but also on reputable logistics companies that meet our high standards of punctuality and care.

Quality of Service

This commitment, the constant quality of service and first-rate efficiency throughout each stage of business have earned us the trust of our international business partners, to whom we are indebted as we continue to reinforce this professionalism daily.


Because we know that a timely delivery of your order is just as important for you as guaranteed product quality and attractive prices.


A logistics process which is tailored to the needs of our customers enables us to always deliver right on the dot.

International deliveries

Working around the globe - safely and securely! In keeping with this principle, it is our mission to provide our partners with an order of doing things and process reliability for every situation, which is the basis for any close working relationship, especially when it comes to trade across borders.


Working with TNT, one of the best courier companies for international logistics with an integrated network spanning over 200 countries, whatever international delivery we need to make, wherever it needs to go, we're sure that the job will be done on time and with the highest quality.